High billable hours at Houston Eviction Law Firms are no longer affordable for single home rental owners and owners of a small portfolio of properties.  This doesn’t mean that you should lose out on legal representation when it comes to eviction matters in Houston. Although many of the steps of evictions are DIY, rental management companies and rental property owners require guidance when it comes to three-day notices, Harris county justice of peace representation, Harris county court representation, and overall landlord/tenant matters. The rental boss can take care of all your Houston eviction attorney needs, at a flat rate. Listed below is a list of services and prices we pick, choose your package, pay the fees, and we can begin the process.

Why pay a Houston eviction attorney a billable hour rate to do something that you can do on your own? Most people like results for flat fees, they want to know what they are paying for before hand instead of being slapped with a bill at the end. With access to the Internet and e-books, many people don’t need an attorney for landlord/tenant matters. Although there is truth behind this, there are small nuisances in the Texas Property Code that can lead to dismissals of cases. This actually happens on a regular basis as I sit in court. People freeze up, or they just don’t like the thought of going to court. I understand. For a flat fee, have your legal rights represented when it comes to evictions in Houston, Harris County. 

We believe in keeping you in the loop with the status of your Houston eviction. Each client receives a login and password to check on the status of their Harris county eviction, upload documents, and receive judgment papers. The goal is to reduce the time you spend hassling with a Houston tenant, let us do the work.



Have you ever received something with a law firm’s letterhead? It can be scary. Let us put that fear into your tenants when they receive any notices from you. Compared to most eviction services our letterhead with a law firm heading holds more weight than other eviction services. We stand behind our clients with the law.


All fees are done on a flat fee range. Let’s be honest, the Texas Property Code can be a difficult thing to navigate, but with our expertise, we’ve narrowed it down to a few sub points that are used on a regular basis.  This efficiency along with other factors helps us to provide good flat rates and quality customer service. Each Houston eviction service varies in price depending on the complexity of the issue and the average amount of time spent in court. We want to be able provide you with quality Houston eviction.



If we don’t win, you don’t pay anything. Due to our niche in eviction law we can guarantee our work. So in the event that we ever lose, you don’t pay anything. Remember, our goal is to guarantee you quality Houston evictions based on the Texas Property Code. We stand by our work.



Why should you pay out of pocket to have a person evicted? Remember our mission is to keep money in your pocket, not take it out.  The property code allows successful landlords to receive damages for attorney fees.  Take advantage of this.

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